Venezuela gpvernment takes steps against opposition demands for military coup

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Sun Sep 22 09:20:24 MDT 2002

Prensa Latina
Latin American News Agency S.A. BRIDGES  News on Cuba and Latin America
September 20
Venezuela government passes anti-destabilization measures
*Caracas.-  Venezuela's government has passed measures to frustrate attempts
to ease the freedoms of demonstration and expression to destabilize the
country. The Cabinet established eight new security zones in Caracas, mainly
military facilities and official communication sites.  The decision was
taken since intransigent opposition sectors had planned demonstrations to
demand that the military take action against the Executive.  The National
Guard Command and its adjacent entities, "Francisco de Miranda" Air Base,
Fort Tiuna and the Naval Observatory are some of the new security areas in
this capital.  The Naval Command Headquarters, headquarter of "Arturo
Sanchez" Brigade, which are placed in the presidential residence, the
National Radio of Venezuela and Venezuelan Television station, were also
included in the list.

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