Counter-Dossier to Blair's shit-sheet on Iraq

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2002

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Labour Party Counter-Dossier released

September 21, 2002 ­

The Labour Party members who oppose Tony Blair on the war have released
their ³counter-dossier,² written by  Alan Simpson, MP, Chair of Labour
Against War and Dr. Glen Rangwala, lecturer in politics at Cambridge
University.  We received a pre-release copy, which was changed to
the It was released this week and we have posted it at our website ­ Please copy and distribute widely.

The counter-dossier is a definitive statement against going to war with
Iraq.  It was written as a formal statement of the Labour Party "rebels"
rebut Tony Blair's arguments for joining the US in this war.  Tony Blair
going to release his dossier in support of going to war against Iraq at
8 am
(London time) on Sept 24th.  He is giving MP¹s precious little time to
consider it as debate starts that very day.  The counter-dossier
the foundation for those in the Labour Party who oppose the war.

This is a great document of historical significance.  It contains bold
that has not been widely reported in the US media, such as the fact that

the US and UK blocked condemnation of Iraq's known chemical weapons
at the UN Security Council. No resolution was passed during the war that
specifically criticised Iraq's use of chemical weapons, despite the
of the majority to condemn this use.

This authoritative document needs to be widely distributed to members of
Congress and to the US media.

Sunny Miller, Executive Director
Charlie Jenks, President of the Core Group
Traprock Peace Center
103A Keets Road
Deerfield, MA 01342
413 773-7427

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