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>My own feeling (and it is confined to Britain) is that there is a definite
>need to work within the existing British Labour Party (although this might
>be allied to work in an external independent party also) - there is a large,
>organised and vocal opposition.

I never liked entryism as a tactic but Phil's plague on both houses'
approach is surely wrong. Phil just argued that Blair for instance, has
made wlefare benefit cuts and this is another reason to reject the British
Labour Party. But this is wrong. Major improvements have been made in a
wide range of welfare benefits under Blair, including pensions, social
security payments to the diabled, longterm unemployed and many other
groups. Huge new public spending programmes have begun in education and
health and the status of Britain's socialised National Health Service is
now much mroe secure (the lasty Tory govt was preparing it for
privatisation). Blair is now talking up the need for progressive taxes and
a redistribution of income and wealth from rich to poor. These are all very
important things and you can't just ignore them. There will always be good
reasons to vote Dem rather than repug or Labour not Tory. Ignoring the
electoral process is not at all sensible.

Mark Jones

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