Left Book Club: a message from Proyect, Keaney and Jones

Mark Jones markjones011 at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Sep 23 09:07:16 MDT 2002

Dear Comrades,

Over on the A-List we recently took the initiative of setting up a Left
Book Club. It's not a new idea: most people will know of  Victor Gollancz's
original 1930s Left Book Club of hallowed memory. It is in the same spirit
of broadening and deepening debate and of making important new books more
readily available, that we have launched the new Left Book Club (LBC).

We shall be offering important books from major left publishers and in
time, we hope to be commissioning our own titles. We'd like to make the LBC
more inclusive and have agreed with Marxmeister Lou Proyect to team up with

The LBC officially launches with the following titles courtesy of Zed
Books. As was recently discussed, Zed operates a differential pricing
policy enabling purchasers from the South to acquire books at more
affordable rates. These are indicated below:

 > > HARRY SHUTT, New  Democracy - US$17.50
- CLUB PRICE: $12 (South: $6.00)

 > > JAMES PETRAS AND HENRY VELTMEYER, Globalisation Unmasked - US$19.95
- CLUB PRICE: $14.00 (South: $7.00)

 > > WILLIAM BLUM, Rogue State - US$17.50
- CLUB PRICE: $12.00 (South: $6.00)

 > > ROBERT BIEL, The  New Imperialism - US$27.50
-CLUB PRICE: $18.00 (South: $9.00)

 > > JOEL KOVEL, The Enemy of Nature - US$19.95 (not $15)
- CLUB PRICE: $14.00 (South: $7.00)

Zed will pay for postage and packaging. The offer on these titles closes on
31 December 2002.

For further details on these and other Zed titles see

Please note that you have to subscribe to either Marxmail or the A-List to
take advantage of these offers.

In order to take advantage of this offer, reply to me offlist at
michael.keaney at mbs.fi
who will forward your details to Zed, who will then provide you with
payment details.

Happy reading,

Mark Jones
Michael Keaney
Loius Proyect

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