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(James J. Cramer was with Goldman-Sachs in the 1990s and eventually 
launched his own firm. He became an icon of the now deflated bull market 
and still urges people to buy stocks on his website www.street.com and on 
his Bloomberg Radio show every night.)

New York Magazine, Sept. 23, 2002

Battle Stations

Wall Street hasn't gotten over last year's attacks the way some uptown 
editorial writers have, which explains market jitters about war in Iraq -- 
traders worry there won't be one.

By James J. Cramer

If, on September 11, the New York Times had been located where the Wall 
Street Journal was, instead of safely ensconced in Times Square, the world 
would be a safer place today. If some of those editors had been downtown 
with us, wondering where the Air Force was, fearing that tons of falling 
steel would catch a gust of wind and crush us, or sloshing through four 
inches of what we thought was gray slush, then maybe they wouldn't be so 
timid about avenging those who perished, nor as worried as we are about the 
future of civilization.

Don't for a minute think that the terrible stock market we're having is a 
reflection of war fears. Just the opposite. Wall Street wants to know when 
our nation will take firm action against our enemies, and until it happens, 
we want to be sellers, not buyers, because we fear the appeasers may give 
terror the edge. We take the government at face value, we think that there 
will be another attack, and we want action before it occurs. They have 
struck down here twice already, in 1993 and 2001, and they will be back 
unless we kill them first.


Downtown, we implicitly trust our leaders these days; we like their 
strength and their determination. We don't look upon the generals as a 
bunch of kooky Sterling Haydens shooting up Coke machines in Dr. 
Strangelove. We think they get the job done. The Army, Navy, Air Force, and 
Marines have a rigor and an ethic that puts Wall Street to shame.

Most of all, though, we recognize that the enemy's goal isn't to convert us 
or better their own people or see the caliphate restored: They just want us 
dead. We don't get what the Times' editorial writers are thinking. Did they 
skip that chapter about Churchill and German rearmament? Did they miss the 
class titled "Peace in Our Time?" Do they need a sports section to know 
that the Devil now has a home team, and it's 1–0?

If we wimp out now against Iraq, you can expect this anemic market to keep 
trending down. The traders don't want things to stop with Baghdad. We don't 
know why Saudi Arabia is still treated as a friend, or why we don't just 
take over the oil fields as punishment for what their people did. With no 
Soviet Union to back them up, some down here wonder, what the heck we are 
waiting for?


Louis Proyect

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