Irish FIers on LCR's Chirac vote

Alex LoCascio alexlocascio at
Mon Sep 23 12:50:02 MDT 2002

Johannas Schneider writes:
>Just for the record: The German USec section RSB opposed the LCR call as
>well and supported the LO position:

Correction: There is no German USec section.  There are two sympathizing organizations, the International Sozialistische Linke, which in the interest of full disclosure I should mention I am currently a member of, and the above mentioned-RSB.

For American readers who want to know the difference, think Socialist Action and Solidarity.  However compromised the latter, I think we'd all agree it has a much firmer grasp on political reality.

Perhaps all the criticism of the LCR's call would have more resonance for me if it didn't emanate from those sectors of Marxism which are earnestly trying to construct the "one big Trotskyist mass party."

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