Young Democratic Socialists: very solid anti-War activities underway

Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at
Mon Sep 23 16:41:26 MDT 2002

A quite welcome, cordial and encouraging note earlier today from Peter
Frase -- a YDS leader -- indicates that:

"YDS passed an  anti-war-on-Iraq statement at our convention over a month
ago. "

"YDS is right now working on getting the National Youth and Student Peace
Coalition moving around Iraq, and our local chapters are doing good
anti-war work. "

This is extremely encouraging.  In addition, of course, to the major focus
of these anti-War statements and other endeavours -- i.e., directly and via
collateral contacts feeding the river of mounting opposition to
Bush/Ashcroft War-Talk and War, stuff like this means a great deal indeed to
those many scattered DSA members in the great world west of New York City.

Anyway, work out YDS!  And damn good work it is.

In Solidarity -

Hunter Gray  [Hunterbear]
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