Ireland and ultraleftism

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Mon Sep 23 17:21:36 MDT 2002

Donal wrote:
> I regularly label Phil's positions on Ireland ultra-leftist. But that is
> because that is precisely what they are.

My views on Ireland put me in good company.  I regard Bernadette
(Devlin) McAliskey as the sharpest mind on the left in Ireland over the
past 30 years and my views on the GFA and peace process are the same as
hers.  Throw in a load of people like IRA leaders such as Brendan
Hughes, throw in Marian Price, the IRSP, etc etc.

You can also throw in Gerry Adams and the whole republican leadership of
the 1970s and 1980s.  I stand on the politics that those people were
fighting for at that time, quite a few of which were very close to the
politics of Seamus Costello who I regard as the finest left-republican
of his generation.

That's a whole lot of ultralefts!  Moreover 'ultralefts' that won a
sizeable working class base of support.

We might also recall that Pearse and Connolly were regarded as
ultralefts in 1916 and that Mellows, Markievicz (and even De Valera)
were regarded as ultralefts in 1921/22 when they rejected the Treaty.
And, of course, that Adams and co. were regarded as ultralefts for many
years as well, denounced by the pro-Moscow Workers Party (formerly
Official Sinn Fein) as the 'Provo-Trots'.

So being accused of ultraleftism in relation to Ireland would put me in
extremely good company.

Anyway, Donal thanks for the support on the other aspects and I'm happy
not to argue with you about Ireland for another year or so, and we'll
see how things pan out.  Any luck with the Pilger vid?


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