George Georges

Alan Bradley abradley1 at
Mon Sep 23 18:05:32 MDT 2002

I couldn't find a decent report on this. This one, at least, doesn't have
any smarmy politicians praising the guy they expelled from their party.

Gary Maclennan could probably write a lot more about George than I could.

>From the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
< >
Posted: Mon, 23 Sept 2002 17:45 AEST

Former Labor senator dies
Former Queensland Labor Senator George Georges has died.

Longtime friend, Queensland Transport Workers Union Secretary, Hughie
Williams says the 82-year-old died in a Canberra Hospital this morning.

Mr Georges, who had a long career in the ALP, became a major voice for the
party's left wing and distinguished himself as an activist outside the

He was renowned for his commitment to civil liberties during the Sir Joh
Bjelke-Petersen years in Queensland.

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