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Mon Sep 23 18:45:11 MDT 2002

> From: Mark Jones
> Electoral abstentionism is ultraleftism, it is a way of disarming the w/c.
> You have to participate in the political life of society, and that means
> campaigning for reforms which do objectively benefit millions of w/c
> people (as well as subornin and co-opting them).

I don't believe anyone was actually disputing this. The point of the "plague
on both their houses" approach is that independent working class political
organisation is necessary, not crippled by accommodation to social
democracy/liberalism. This extends into the electoral sphere, where

This has little or nothing to do with whether or not to struggle for
reforms, except that social democratic/liberal "reforms" these days are
typically reforms in the interest of the ruling class, rather than the

Of course, the relationship between "minimum program" reforms and "maximum
program" revolution has always been tricky. Even the concept of transitional
demands doesn't really solve the problem, since it's usually possible to
"prove" that any particular "transitional" demands are either (a) mere
reforms, or (b) impossible maximum program propaganda chatter.


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