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Steve Painter and Rose McCann spainter at
Mon Sep 23 22:16:25 MDT 2002

Alan Bradley wrote:
Bob Gould <<very quickly convinced me he was an old crank.>>

Alan, funny you should choose these words. Call me perverse, but describing
anyone to me as "old" and "crank" at this stage in my life automatically
makes me more than half interested in what they know and say.

If you wish to scan the pamphlet then I have no objection. It wasn't one of
the historical documents we had considered (or would prioritise) putting up
on the Ozleft site

My general position on those issues today would be more nuanced and
certainly more influenced by psychoanalytic theory and the tone would be a
lot less smart-arse and know-all. But I was a lot younger and a lot more
ignorant then.

Rose McCann

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