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Chris Brady cdbrady at
Tue Sep 24 13:15:13 MDT 2002

It is for people we talk to:

So what has this past year taught us about top executives of huge
What about top executives of energy&oil corporations such as Enron,
Harken, or Halliburton?
What about profit-taking insiders who leave behind thousands of
employees ruined?

SO how do you feel about politicians, lobbyists, and Washington, DC
What about political leaders who are also top executives from energy&oil
What about a top executive for an oil company who wants to wage war
against the country that has the second largest oil reserves in the

Are these very wealthy warmongers totally trustworthy?
Aren’t they just a little suspect?
Shouldn’t we ask some questions?

Or should we simply and patriotically obey
because we chose them to be our leaders
 in a fair, democratic election?

What about profit-taking insiders who will leave behind hundreds of
thousands of people ruined?

Obedience is necessary for an army,
but becomes the death of a democratic citizenry.

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