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                  NO TO RACISM & IMPERIALIST WAR!

                  VSC Editorial - September 2002


No matter where and with whom you prefer to be on October 26, at the
A.N.S.W.E.R. sponsored anti-war protest in Washington or the Vieques
Walkathon in New York City, it is the moral obligation of every peace-loving
individual to take a stance against militarism, war and injustice. On that
day, no person of conscience should be idle at home, while top Pentagon
officials plan the onslaught of the Iraqi people.

We are confronted with the greatest killing machine in all human history. We
should always hope and work towards the ideal situation of anti-war protests
comprised of millions of people, in every city, in every neighborhood, on
every street block, in every country - a realizable possibility.  Whether
the call is for no intervention in Iraq or an end to the bombing of Vieques,
it is the same military, the same oppressors, that we must challenge.

The events that are now taking place in this country can potentially lead to
another unwanted war. We need to examine ways to prevent the  devastation
U.S. militarism is destined to bring upon the entire planet. The same
devestation that it now wants bring upon Iraq. Ultimately, there is not a
single sector of this society that will not be affected by the madness of
government and Pentagon officials.

Imperial arrogance has been expressed with the outcry for war and pressure
on the governments of other countries, aimed at rallying support for this
war effort, as shrewdly formulated by President George W. Bush and Defense
Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Nothing can be more hypocritical than the U.S.
government claim of Iraq posing  a "threat", when it is precisely the U.S.
that has invaded one country after another in various regions of the globe,
especially in Latin America and the Caribbean over the last century,
subordinating these lands economically, politically as well as militarily.

It was none other than the U.S. that militarily invaded Puerto Rico. It
imposed its outright colonial domination as shown by the suffering inflicted
on the people of Vieques and the ecological destruction of that island by
the U.S. Navy. Because the U.S. Navy is rehearsing its particular role for
the possible invasion of Iraq on the island of Vieques, the peoples'
struggle to get the U.S. Navy out has indisputably become more strategic, a
part of the dynamics of this crisis.

For us to view the invasion of Iraq as being irrelevant to Vieques, or to
dismiss the need for an anti-war position, especially at this time, would
not only be rediculous but also a disservice to the people of our homeland,
engaged in a fight to get the U.S. Navy out and rid Puerto Rico of colonial
rule. If the consequence of U.S. militarism is not good for Vieques and all
of Puerto Rico, it is not good for human beings anywhere. The devastation
the U.S. Navy has caused in Vieques, is but a glimps of what the U.S.
military has done all over the world and what they will do if they are
allowed to invade Iraq.

We can not stand with Vieques without being opposed to U.S. war plans
against Iraq, and vice versa. In the eyes of the colonizers of Puerto Rico,
in the eyes of those responsible for the contamination of Vieques and the
cancer epidemic affecting the people there, any opposition to the Navy's
presence and their bombing practices, no matter how passive or modest, is
undoubtedly viewed with the utmost hostility. We need not bother to second
guess what is the attitude of the government towards the Vieques struggle
and the Puerto Rican movement, once we consider the blatant and extreme
measures U.S. officials have taken to deceitfully promote this war.

U.S. military rehearsals and Navy bombing practices in Vieques occur
precisely for the preparation of U.S. wars of intervention. To demand peace
for Vieques and the withdrawal of the U.S. Navy, is unavoidably taking a
stance against the war on Iraq, very much as taking a stance against war
absolutely requires opposing the racist persecution of all targeted people
and supporting their right to self-determination.

The struggle of the people of Vieques and its support movement in the U.S.,
has the potential of playing a key role in preventing the continual global
war the U.S. government wishes to launch. The Puerto Rican people, who have
endured colonial oppression under U.S. rule for over a century, abused and
denied of every right to decide matters concerning their homeland, know
quite well what is the ultimate goal of a U.S invasion of Iraq. Such is
reason enough to stand in solidarity with the Iraqi people and all who have
been victims of U.S. militarism.

October 26, 2002 will definitely be an important date for all people who
oppose war and dispise injustice.  Whether it is at  the anti-war march in
Washington, DC or the Vieques Walkathon in New York City, opposition to
dangerously increasing U.S. militarism must be heard loudly throughout the
world. Support and attend one of the two complimentary and important events.
For the sake of the future of humanity, we urge everyone to unite and oppose
the "new" war mode of the government. The people united can stop the U.S.
war on Iraq and the U.S. Navy bombing of Vieques!


Participate in and support the Vieques Walkathon on October 26, in New York
City. To register as a walker, to make a monetary pledge, to work as a
volunteer or to have your organization become a sponsor, please
contact:(718)601-4901 (212)348-8004 gee.lee at, gerena339 at,
or the Vieques Support Campaign at (212)677-0619, (718)601-4751 or by e-mail
viequessc at


Fundacion Andres Figueroa Cordero
Todo Nueva York Con Vieques
Vieques Support Campaign
Iglesia Evangelica Espanola
Junta NY-Partido Nacionalista-PR
Iglesia San Romero De Las Americas
IFCO-Pastors For Peace
H.O.L.A., Hoftra Organization of Latin Americans
David Sanes Rodriguez Brigade
Local 1199/SEIU
A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism)
The Bronx Greens
International Action Center
Judy Sheridan, NYS Nurses Association (All Day All Night Internet Community Radio)
Harlem Tenents Council
The Brecht Forum
New York Coalition for Peace & Justice
Sensei Irvin Nieves & the World Oyama Karate School
Latino Commission On A.I.D.S.
AL-AWDA, Palestine Right to Return Coalition
New York Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition

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