Media Coverage on Iraq

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Wed Sep 25 03:16:00 MDT 2002

Not often I participate in phone-ins or email media outlets but Channel 4
News has finally got me doing this. They are providing outstanding
information/commentary on the War on Iraq and have opened a discussion
list - perhaps some of you might want to offer some serious contributions
full of detail. They are reading the best ones out in the News show - which
has a very large and varied audience.

Their website is

They also have a link to an anti-war group:

Channel 4 News also sent a reporter into Iraq. She visited two of the bases
which Blair claims are producing WMD - the Iraquis allowed her to wander
around and even go into the rubbish bins. She said she could see nothing. It
made the whole Blair dossier into a lie. If anyone has the software this
could be downloaded from the site and played in anti-war meetings. In fact,
I would recommend US members to download the Channel 4 News regularly for
the next few weeks as it is carrying lots of information which might be
useful in propaganda work.

Meanwhile, the BBC are running MI6 documentaries (filled with spy-photos - I
wonder where they came from??) and re-runs of Saddam's past mass murders.
Clearly, they are doing the groundwork for a war.


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