Number of People Living in Poverty Increases in U.S.

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Wed Sep 25 04:09:01 MDT 2002

>From the New York Times

Number of People Living in Poverty Increases in U.S.

WASHINGTON, Sept. 24 - The proportion of Americans living in poverty rose
significantly last year, increasing for the first time in eight years, the
Census Bureau reported today. At the same time, the bureau said that the
income of middle-class households fell for the first time since the last
recession ended, in 1991.

The Census Bureau's annual report on income and poverty provided stark
evidence that the weakening economy had begun to affect large segments of
the population, regardless of race, region or class. Daniel H. Weinberg,
chief of income and poverty statistics at the Census Bureau, said the
recession that began in March 2001 had reduced the earnings of millions of

The report also suggested that the gap between rich and poor continued to


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