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Recall that the exact same thing happened in Nicaragua under the 
Sandinistas, who did move forward to a mixed economy.  This either 
gives Chavez the benefit of the doubt, or it implicitly condemns the 
the FSLN's policy of catering to sectors of the bourgeoisie that the 
Sandinistas referred to as "patriotic employers."


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>Subject: Venezuela
>(Although many of us had high hopes that Venezuela could move forward
>through a mixed economy, it seems that once again we are witnessing what
>happens when a revolution stops short of transforming the mode of
>production. The local capitalist class--assisted by imperialism--will
>strangle any progressive initiative and alienate the popular classes from
>the government.)
>NY Times, Sept. 24, 2002
>Venezuela Economy Falters, Despite Abundant Oil
>CARACAS, Venezuela ó When Pasquale Iachini and Alfonso Marozzi arrived here
>from Italy half a century ago, they started small, buying an old Fiat truck
>to transport dirt and supplies. Venezuela boomed in the years that
>followed, and their company, Yamaro Construction, grew into a leading
>builder of bridges, highways and other public projects.
>But now, the government of Hugo Ch·vez is pinched for cash, the economy is
>sliding fast and company officials are worried. Yamaro's payroll, once
>1,000 strong, is down to 400 workers, and three major road projects are at
>a standstill, casualties of nonpayment by the government.
>"The private sector is not investing, and the public sector has no capacity
>to do so," said Armando Iachini, 38, a son of the co-founder who helps run
>the company. "There are projects we want to start, but we cannot get them
>going because of a lack of resources."
>What is destabilizing the economy here now is politics, not petroleum. The
>left-leaning Mr. Ch·vez, survivor of one coup already, is still struggling
>to keep at bay the big-business groups and old-line politicians who are
>bent on removing him from office.

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