Jim Farmelant farmelantj at
Wed Sep 25 10:05:29 MDT 2002

The Chavez forces have done well for themselves considering
that there is nothing like the Soviet Union which can
provide backing for revolutionary forces.  I think that
is something that should be kept in mind in evaluating
the progress (or the lack thereof) of the Chavez forces.

In case anyone has forgotten, Latin America is regarded
by the US as its own backyard, and over the last 150 years,
the US has never shrunk back from intervening
directly to crush progressive or nationalist
initiatives there.  I suspect that the Chavez
forces have been pushing about as far and
as fast as they think it possible given these

Jim F.

On Wed, 25 Sep 2002 08:52:28 -0700 "Walter Lippmann"
<walterlx at> writes:
> Louis' points are entirely well-taken.
> It seems to me that unless the social foundation
> for capitalism is taken out of the hands of the
> capitlalist class, they can always find a way to
> fight back. Encouraged as they are now by the
> most powerful government on the planet, they
> show no hesitancy in trying to organize another
> attempt to return a government they can rely
> on to power in Venezuela.
> In Cuba, the revolution took military form and
> broke up the repressive appratus of the state.
> In Venezuela, the Chavez government came
> to power through the democratic electoral
> process. The old army has not collapsed or
> been pushed aside. A struggle is going on
> within this army over which direction it shall
> go forward in.
> Therefore, it will be much more difficult to
> break up the resistance of the still-existing
> repressive forces of society until the broad
> population clearly understands what's going
> on in the country, and an educational and
> organizing process prepares this great
> majority to complete the process. Since
> the Chavez forces only control one of the
> major media of communication, and only
> one wing of the military, this will not be an
> easy or simple task, it seems to me.
> This observation is easy to make, but how to
> go from this observation to the necessary
> social and political action down there, that's
> the challenge they face. Ours is somewhat
> simpler: to try to understand the situation
> they are up against, and to rally whatever
> support can be mustered for their efforts.
> Walter Lippmann

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