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Wed Sep 25 10:26:00 MDT 2002

Mike Friedman wrote:

> Recall that the exact same thing happened in Nicaragua under the
> Sandinistas, who did move forward to a mixed economy.  This either
> gives Chavez the benefit of the doubt, or it implicitly condemns the
> the FSLN's policy of catering to sectors of the bourgeoisie that the
> Sandinistas referred to as "patriotic employers."
This is *not* the  same thing that happened in Nicaragua. In Nicaragua
the old state was smashed and replaced by one that reflected the class
interests of the workers and the peasants. Mike believes that Nicaragua
should have moved rapidly to build an economy similar to Cuba's without
the backing of the USSR, which was rapidly moving toward capitalism and
without Cuba's island status, which gave it a relatively more secure
position. His position, while well-meaning, is ahistorical.


Louis Proyect

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