Henwood annouces: Hitchens quits Nation

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Sep 25 14:01:44 MDT 2002

>I find this sad news - it's bad for the magazine, and it's sad
>Hitchens has turned so comprehensively belligerent. But I guess it
>was inevitable...
What's even sadder is Henwood's inability to understand the class forces that are driving people like him, Marc Cooper, Eric Alterman and Hitchens to the right. Although I have strong beefs with the Trotskyist movement in general and James P. Cannon in particular, I always found the court transcript of "Socialism on Trial" inspiring. Standing up to the entire liberal establishment (including the pro-war and pro-CP Nation Magazine), Cannon told Roosevelt et al that they were imperialists fighting an imperialist war. We have to retain that fighting spirit in our torturous road to reestablishing a revolutionary movement worldwide.


Louis Proyect

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