Henwood annouces: Hitchens quits Nation

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Wed Sep 25 18:34:24 MDT 2002

> Ed Nakawatase wrote:
> > Comrades:
> >
> > Can we cool it on the cattiness?   Please.
> >
> Why? Henwood never gave anyone the curtesy.
> Henry C.K. Liu

Well, true, Henry. Henwood exactly used the same terminology about me
("idiot") when I criticized Liza for being misinformed about leftist groups
at OSU  in her  Nation magazine article (which she later "admitted" after
Yoshie "corrected" her).

Yes, Henwood never gives anyone the curtesy and always makes bizarre remarks
about of  how other people make a living or where they live, while it is
obvious that some people "work their ass" rather than sitting at home.
Frankly, I don't know what this is if not a form of jealousy. Such behavior
not deserve any curtesy.

anyhow, the discussion is over comrades!

this was just a comradely clarification.

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