We have made income the enemy of wealth

Barry Brooks durable at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 25 19:10:40 MDT 2002

Please forgive me for restating the too obvious and too basic, but if the following is true then shouldn't we try to keep it in

Consider a simple example of the production of some item, produced at a constant rate, which will face a predictable consumption
after some period of use.

That item will accumulate until the predictable consumption begins.   After that period, production will just provide the
replacements needed to maintain the previous accumulation.   The accumulation will grow until the 

Goods in service = rate of production * life span of the goods

To have more wealth we need to increase the goods in service, but it would be best if it could be done with a low rate of
production.  That is assuming that we should slow the rate of production when possible for sustainability.  In many cases production
can be cut without a loss of use-value by simply making items last longer.

Why can't we take advantage of increased durability to conserve?  Because our goal is not to have more wealth.  Our goal is just to
stay busy and consume more of everything.   We have made income the enemy of wealth. The wrong goal is worse than the wrong method.

Barry Brooks

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