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Thu Sep 26 06:53:02 MDT 2002

>It is !*EXACTLY*! the same thing: NOT in terms of the depth of the
>revolution, but of the economic sabotage carried out by the bourgeoisie,
>including such "patriots" as the Pellas, Cuadras, etc., in league
>(willingly or not) with U.S. imperialism.

The Nicaraguan revolution was not undone by the local bourgeoisie but by
low-intensity warfare.

>One could say your response was ahistorical and implicitly
>self-contradictory, since your initial comments described the real
>existing Nicaraguan situation so well (although the balance of forces
>differed): "... The local capitalist class--assisted by imperialism--will
>strangle any progressive initiative and alienate the popular classes from
>the government."... while your subsequent comments seem to deny those
>historic events.

Venezuela did not have a revolution. Nicaragua did. The situation in
Venezuela can be compared to other populist/social democratic experiments
in Latin and Central America and the Caribbean such as Arbenz in Guatemala
and Allenden in Chile. While revolutionaries would defend these governments
against imperialism, we favor alternatives that are in the October 1917

But there is no guarantee that such alternatives can succeed against
overwhelming imperialist power. The ability of the USA to thwart Nicaraguan
trade, to bleed the country dry through endless warfare, etc., the
treachery of the Soviet Union, the constant pressure of the Western
European social democracies to make the FSLN behave "responsibly", etc.
have much more weight than the resistance of the local bourgeoisie. The
fact that you once again refuse to speak about these powerful international
objective conditions tells me that it is a waste of time to continue trying
to have a conversation with you about these matters, so this will be my
last post on it for the time being.

Louis Proyect

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