Greens demand business-friendly reforms

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Thu Sep 26 09:14:08 MDT 2002

I do not know whether this is common knowledge outside Germany, but the
German Greens are definitely to the right of the Social Democrats. This is
not just my opinion as a malevolent Marxist, but it is confirmed by today's
Financial Times (see below).


East Germans and Greens likely to secure gains
By Haig Simonian and Hugh Williamson in Berlin
Published: September 26 2002 5:00 | Last Updated: September 26 2002 5:00
The Greens have indicated they expect to play an enhanced role in government
after their strong election result.
Ahead of Wednesday's talks, the Greens urged the SPD to endorse more
business-friendly reforms to the rigid labour market, signalling that the
government's plans to reduce unemployment could be a stumbling block.
Christine Scheel, the Greens' finance expert, said proposals to encourage
the creation of low-income "mini-jobs" should be made more attractive to
companies - a stance opposed by trade unions and sections of the Social

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