Greens demand business-friendly reforms

Keaney Michael Michael.Keaney at
Thu Sep 26 10:24:58 MDT 2002

Johannes writes:

I do not know whether this is common knowledge outside Germany, but the
German Greens are definitely to the right of the Social Democrats. This is
not just my opinion as a malevolent Marxist, but it is confirmed by today's
Financial Times (see below).


Is this so surprising? In fact the Greens provide Schröder with good cover so that he can go into battle with the trade union bureaucracy presenting himself as a sympathetic chap with his hands tied, but he'll do the best he can, etc. The bureaucrats can probably be bought off with various inducements, responsibilities, etc. The clamour for "labour market" reform has been reaching such a crescendo of late that it's quite likely that the ideological conditions are right for Schröder to proceed. The advantages for German capital are that Schröder is much more likely to avoid the more overt class war from above that would have accompanied any reforms promoted by Stoiber, thereby provoking outright confrontation with the unions.

Johannes, thanks for your German updates. Excuse my linguistic limitations, but are there any decent English language outlets focusing on Germany?


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