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Thu Sep 26 16:07:30 MDT 2002

Walter Lippmann wrote:

>  Since
> the Chavez forces only control one of the
> major media of communication, and only
> one wing of the military, this will not be an
> easy or simple task, it seems to me.

I heard Marta Harnecker (longtime Chilean-Cuban Marxist and author of
dozens of books on politics, Marxist theory etc.)  speak in Vancouver
last week about Chavez whom she knows quite well. She said that he has
rock solid support among the junior officers and rank and file of the
Venezuelan army, the poor and some of the middle class and is well aware
of the problems and hurdles he and his government face in  undertaking a
thorough structural change of the country's political economy. She said
Chavez earned a Phd or something similiar in from
Venezuela's military academy and is well versed in Marxism. The same
goes for all his generation of military officers. According to her,
Chavez's revolution has really only just began, with more structural
change to come. The biggest problem he faces is the sick beast known as
the Venezuelan bourgeoise and their allies in Washington and Langley.
Anyway, she seemed quite optimistic (this was in contrast to the
audience including myself) and thinks Chavez is more radical than
Allende (whom she also knew). I also think Chavez deserves more credit
than simply being called a half-baked  populist. But what happens
remains to be seen...

Sam Pawlett

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