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Peter Boyle peterb at
Thu Sep 26 21:21:05 MDT 2002

I was there too and this is what I recall happened in the
Jakarta conference: The PRD/conference organisers asked the
DSP to prepare a paper for a debate with the ISO on Cuba –
which Doug Lorimer did. When we saw the conference agenda
(at the conference) there was some item ambigously named
“Fighting neo-liberalism in Latin America” or something like
that (perhaps partly for security reasons or perhaps out of
real ambiguity among the conference organisers). Doug asked
what was this and was told, yes, this is what we asked you
to prepare have you told the ISO comrades? They said they
would and any slowness to do so is the responsibility of the
organisers and was unfortunate. More than one DSP comrade
explained to the ISO comrades what had happened and that it
was unfortunate. I think we offered to suggest to the
organisers that we scrap the debate but Tom bravely said he
would persevere.

Those people who believe that the PRD is run by the DSP – or
worse still go around and spread this slander on the PRD –
may dismiss this as another lie of the sinister DSP monster.
But they should get real.

The short stint in detention comrades from the DSP, ISO, US
ISO, LCR and other groups  was a little dose of reality
which built some real solidarity between us and with the
comrades of the PRD. Buckets more of reality will
undoubtedly get rid of  some of the unwarranted suspicion
between left groups in the Socialist Alliance.

I cannot resist adding that the DSP didn’t need the
advantage of ambush on this topic. The actuality Cuban
revolutionary leadership is a much more powerful argument
than any case we can muster. In the end the difference we
have with the ISO and some other groups in the Socialist
Alliance on this matter will be decided by reality imposing
its final say. But in the meantime, this disagreement should
not stop us working together on building a socialist
movement in this country.

Peter Boyle
peterb at

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