Lorimer on Gould/DSP & Jakarta conference

Peter Boyle peterb at dsp.org.au
Thu Sep 26 21:34:09 MDT 2002

Bob Gould's long open letter to Alex Callinicos is such a
sad (but transparent) attempt to sabotage actual progress in
left regroupment in this country. Anyone who reads it to the
end can have no doubt that this is its purpose.It screams
out: Don't do it! Don't do it!

Doug Lorimer asked me to post the following note in reply to
Tom O'Lincoln on what happened in Jakarta.

Peter Boyle
peterb at dsp.org.au

Tom O'Lincoln claims that at the Jakarta 2001 Asia-Pacific
Peoples Solidarity Conference, ``they [but which I presume
he means the DSP] did spring a debate on us, inviting me to
debate Cuba on 5 minutes notice. Doug Lorimer delivered a
paper prepared in advance which was a lengthy attack on our

I regret that Tom feels he was ``ambushed'' on this, but
this was in no way either my personal or the DSP
delegation's intention.

I was informed by the conference organisers (PRD comrades)
before I arrived at that I was to speak at a session with an
ISO comrade on Cuba (and at another session with an ISO
comrade on Lenin's two-stage, uninterrupted policy vs
Trotsky's theory of permanent revolution). I was told that
because most of the audience did not speak English, I had to
give the organisers written copies of my presentations to
make it easier for the translators to translate the
presentations into Indonesian during the sessions. This is
why I had a paper prepared in advance in the topic (a paper
that required a 20-minute verbal presentation).

When I arrived at the conference site I discovered that the
topic in the conference guide was entitled ``Fighting
Neo-Liberalism in Latin America''. When I asked the
organisers about the change in title/topic they informed me
that they still wanted the session to be a presentation and
debate between the DSP and the ISO about our very different
views of Cuba. I stressed to the organisers that they needed
to immediately communicate this to the comrades in the ISO
delegation to see if they agreed to this being the topic of
that session. I did not hear back from the organisers and
assumed that they had clarified the topic of the session
with the ISO delegation and the ISO comrades had not

Doug Lorimer

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