What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #510 September 25, 2002

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             Green Left Weekly, Australia's socialist newspaper
                                 Issue #510
                            September 25, 2002

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: OPPOSE HOWARD's MARCH TO WAR

Despite massive public opposition, PM John Howard has indicated that his
government will back a US invasion of Iraq. Green Left Weekly explains
why Howard's march to war should be opposed.



 * IRAQ: Washington demands war despite inspectors' return
 * Stop Howard's march to war!


 * Refugees: Living in limbo
 * Towards a new workers' party
 * `Socialist Alliance must lead fight for democratic rights'


 * JOHN PILGER: The lesson of 9/11
 * SOUTH AFRICA: Residents battle ANC, `Red Ants' over evictions
 * BRITAIN: Duncan Hallas (1925-2002)
 * SRI LANKA: Tamil Tigers demand 'substantial autonomy'
 * PHILIPPINES: Socialist trade unionists hold congress
 * WEST PAPUA: Mounting evidence TNI behind Freeport killings
 * BRAZIL: Referendum rejects FTAA
 * CUBA: Market democracy and fragmented freedom
 * GERMANY: How Greens sold out on nuclear power


 * Socialist Alliance: Bush's coming war on Iraq is a war on us all


 * Construction unions hold alternative safety seminar
 * Battle for union democracy hits elections, courts
 * Fueling the feminist flame
 * Refugee activist stands for parliament
 * NTEU protests sacking
 * Brunswick mobilises against Blackshirts
 * Evolve wins low-key elections
 * Tax office workers strike
 * Anatomy of a corporate media beat up
 * No war on Iraq!
 * Anti-war organising to be focus of Resistance conference
 * Greens win high vote in Mayoral poll
 * Sydney Social Forum calls for WTO protests
 * Trade union-backed coalition opposes war
 * Student guild approves refugee referendum
 * Western suburbs refugee group launched
 * Newcastle Uni becomes `refugee sanctuary'
 * Auburn opposes war
 * Refugee safe haven supported
 * Resistance disrupts sexist show
 * Campaign begun to release Aceh detainees


 * The FBI's secret war against Albert Einstein
 * Pilger on Palestine: A people `abandoned by the world'
 * Will ARTV be censored?


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