Jose G. Perez jgperez at netzero.net
Fri Sep 27 07:41:31 MDT 2002

"Would you go into a CD store and steal a CD?" asks Ms. Spears in one
commercial to be shown in coming weeks. "It's the exact same thing, so why
do it?"

* * *

I'll deal with this more extensively, I hope, in another post, but just for
the fun of it, wanted to let everyone know that for the third time in a
couple of months, a Recording Industry Association of America blast at file
sharing has been met with an apparent hack of their web site, www.riaa.com.

Last night after 11 pm it was still accessible, this morning it is
completely gone, nothing there. Whether it is due to a denial of service
attack, like in the first round, or a defacement which led them to take down
the site, as in the second round, or some other type of hack or even an
unrelated cause is still unknown. Although the timing, which is the same as
the previous two protests, is going to make me very sceptical of any claim
that this was NOT the result of a protest against their position.

The irony is that the RIAA's new "music united" campaign was launched to
coincide with congressional hearings held yesterday on the Berman bill,
which would allow the music monopoly mafia to hack peer-to-peer file sharing
networks and individual end-user computers with impunity. Legal impunity
that is.

I think the message to the copyright cartels is, you really don't want a
hacking war against the p2p community.

Even our script kiddies are much more capable than your "security experts."


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