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Fri Sep 27 09:01:15 MDT 2002

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I was grief stricken to hear yesterday of George Georges' death.  His was
the last voice of a communist influenced Left within the Australian Labor
Party.  I first met George as he was coming out of a meeting called to
protest the crack down on the right to march in 1977.  I was astonished
then to meet a politician who had not totally sold out to careerism. In my
brash way I urged him to keep up the struggle and he certainly did. Little
did I know that he had been part of every major struggle on the Left in Qld
for many years.

When he left the Labor Party he deliberately did so in a way which would
not split it.  There was I suspect for George no real alternative to the
Left.  With Communism in retreat he was doomed to play out the sterile
logic of entryism.  But political differences apart he was a comrade and
moreover one who on the personal level was always a polite and gracious man.

Rest in Peace, old friend.


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