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Fri Sep 27 09:48:19 MDT 2002

Today's big Cuba-related news is the Havana trade fair
where dozens of US corporations are jockeying for trade
and commercial business with the island. News on this
major event is extensive for many media for a range of
reasons. Among these are:

1-Curiosity: Because of the blockade, Cuba remains a
place "off-limits" in a practical sense to most people in
the United States. Addressing this curiosity is important.
Much of the "human interest" aspects of the coverate is
amusing and positive. Fidel Castro, as you can readily
see, continues to have a great sense of humor. When
James Cason, the head of the US interests section
spoke to the media and attempted to belittle and sneer
at the Cuban welcome, calling Cuba a "Jurassic Park"
and "Freddie the Freeloader", Fidel Castro replied
simply the if Cuba doesn't pay its bills, he would GIVE
the US official $100,000.00! Fidel's sense of humor is
working perfectly. He said, "They've been calling us
names for forty years."

2-Prospects: Businesses and their potential advertising
revenue by these companies also plays a role in the
unusually detailed attention. This is all good. While the
US government's rep sneers at Cuba and belittles the
prospects, these businesses, driven by practical and
commercial purposes, know that if Cuba purchases
one amount now, it could purchase much more were
relations between our two countries normalized. The
political implications of this are clear implications that
run all the way through the coverage. Scanning this
coverage will make that obvious.

Read articles on the Havana trade fair here:

Two other items are are now available which should
be of particular interest to readers.

Ricardo Alarcon, president of Cuba's National
Assembly participated two weeks ago in the launch
of the island's new anti-terrorism website. It's quite
an event to see the direct dialog between Alarcon,
who is fluent in English, and formerly represented
Cuba at the UN, engage in discussion with both
activists and members of the US media. He took
questions and responsed to CNN's Lucia Newman,
Reuters' Anthony Boadle, The Dallas Morning News'
Tracey Eaton, as well as Cuban-Americans such as
Professor Nelson Valdes and attorney Jose Pertierra.

The transcript of the discussion with Alarcon is posted

Check out Cuba's new anti-terrorist website here:

Washington permits anti-Cuba terrorists to freely act
from US soil. A federal court in Tampa, Florida, has
just granted "political asylum" to three men who hijacked
a Cuban airplane in 1996. They're not the only ones,
but only the LATEST whose many crimes have been
rewarded by winning asylum in the United States.

Here is only one story about these people:

As the illigitimate Bush administration hurtles onward from
the existing war against Iraq (eleven years of bombing
the country) to a possible land invasion, supposedly in
response to the terrorists attacks of September 11, 2001,
people all over the country and around the world are
organizing and speaking up and out against another war
now against Iraq. I urge each of you to join in protesting
this new war as eloquently, peacefully and loudly as you
can so the voice of the majority can be heard and felt.

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