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Scottish Socialist Voice, Sept. 27/02


by Roz Paterson

Thousands of Scots are set to take strike action and participate in acts
of civil obedience if war is declared. Already, 1,000 people have signed
an SCND-organised pledge vowing to down tools and take part in an
illegal act of mass civil disobedience. The pledge has also been signed
by Tommy Sheridan MSP, the Reverend Richard Holloway - the former Bishop
of Edinburgh, and by the writer James Kelman. Janet Powney, an
educational researcher and 'OAP', is one of the many who has never been
involved in such a protest before, but will risk arrest if necessary. "

And I'll be marching in London on September 28," she told the Voice.
Diane Falconer, 30, a massage therapist, is also political novice, but
felt moved to sign the pledge because of US hyprocrisy. "I heard George
Bush talking about Iraq having arms and I thought, why shouldn't they,
if the US is allowed to have them?" Max, a painter, listened as Tommy
Sheridan described the proposed military campaign as "a war of hell
waged on innocent men, women and children". He compared Blair's
willingness to wage war on Iraq with the government's reluctance to
"wage a war on poverty at home", citing this week's Save The Children
report into child poverty.

Rebel Labour MSP John McAllion spoke of the fatalities in Iraq, both as
a direct result of US bombing and indirectly from cancers caused by
toxic fall-out. "Are we prepared to let this happen again?" he asked.
Max turned to me and said: "I think of myself as quite well informed but
I didn't know any of this...I'm shaking. I just didn't know." He posted
his pledge.

To sign the pledge contact www.scnd at or ring 0141 423 1222


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