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Fri Sep 27 20:58:44 MDT 2002

We are currently finishing off issue #19 of 'revolution' magazine (Oct
2002/Jan 2003).  It should go to the printers in a few days time, and
then out to subscribers and shops.

The contents are:

p1/Cover - pics of Che, Chomsky, etc

p2/Contents and Brecht pic/quote

p3 Editorial: war and *revolution* (on the threats against Iraq)
p4 Social inequality in NZ • John Edmundson looks at what the latest
figures reveal

p6 War on Iraq? • John Edmundson looks at Bush’s war drive and the
mainstream opposition

p8-9 NZ Elections • Huw Jarvis surveys the results and significance of
the July general election in NZ
p10 Voters on strike • NZ workers are less inclined to vote than ever,
says Huw Jarvis

p11 Marxism 2002 - the national educational and organising conference of
the Anti-Capitalist Alliance

p12-17 Appreciating Chomsky • Louis Proyect on the USA’s leading dissident

p18-20 The other September 11: Chile coup 1973

p21-24 The legacy of Che • Philip Ferguson and Stefanie Boston on the
life and lessons of a great revolutionary

p24-25 Seamus Costello • Philip Ferguson and Bernadette (Devlin)
McAliskey on Ireland’s finest revolutionary since Connolly

p26-27 Fred Ferguson • obituary to a veteran US trade union militant and

p28-29 Scandal in the USA • John Edmundson on the new corporate scandals
in the USA

p29-30 Bush is a crook  • Eric Ruder on how George Dubya made his millions

p31-32 Lord of the Rings • John Braddock on the not-so-public side of
the film trilogy

Living section
p33 Springsteen’s Rising • Richard Pithouse on the latest from The Boss
p34-35 Lumumba • Louis Proyect on the movie about the Congolese
nationalist leader

p36 Che in Africa • Philip Ferguson on Che’s Congo diary
p37 Kelman’s Class  • Martyn Hudson on James Kelman’s new book of essays 

p38 Merchandise

p39 Letter to our readers (what we have planned and how people can assist)

p40 Backtalk

Subscriptions within NZ cost $22 for six issues (18 months); in
Australia subs are $NZ35, airmail; rest of the world, $NZ40, airmail. 
The NZ dollar is currently worth about 50c US and about 30p sterling.

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