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Steve Painter and Rose McCann spainter at
Fri Sep 27 21:39:20 MDT 2002

An extract from Bob Gould's "Observations on the Discussion in the ISO and
Issues Raised for the Left" (January 2002), quoted in Bob's post "fwd from
Bob Gould. Australian left" (sorry Les, I sent with the wrong address --
SP). Now available in full at Ozleft

"It is clear that the British SWP leadership, and the Australian DSP
leadership, are engaged in a cautious mating dance around each other for
some kind of regroupment. Both the DSP and the British SWP are also engaged
in regroupment discussions with the LCR in France, and the Usec of the
Fourth International.

"Given the multiplicity of Trotskyist organisations in most countries, any
serious moves towards some sort of regroupment are a good thing, but the
problem is that, with highly centralised groupings like the DSP and the
British SWP, regroupments tend to be agreements between leaderships that
exclude any serious general discussions between the members of the
organisations to resolve past differences, and particularly to clarify
current questions of perspective."

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