What Next?

Bob Pitt comradebobpitt at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Sep 28 05:09:43 MDT 2002

What Next? No.24 now online


Dave Renton on the future of the internet

John Sullivan on the banning of Batasuna

Rod Quinn on the first Palestinian Intifada

Norm Dixon on how the US armed Saddam Hussein

Vladimir Derer on the Labour Party NEC elections

Jim Mortimer on Communist/Labour MP Shapurji

Martin Sullivan on the London mayoral election

Letters about the French elections, the fall of
Militant, the Socialist Alliance

The usual sort of thing

Plus recent additions to the SOCIALIST HISTORY section
2 articles by POUM leader Andrés Nin on the Spanish
Revolution and Civil War

And to the NEW INTERVENTIONS section
Jim Higgins on 1956 And All That

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