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The Communist Party of Australia and the Communist International (1927-1929)

This is the seminal article on the Third Period in Australia. The late
Barbara Curthoys, a long-standing, loyal member of the Australian Communist
Party, visited Russia in the early 1990s and disinterred from the Comintern
archives everything she could find on Australia from the foundation of the
Comintern to its dissolution in 1943. She brought microfilm of this material
back to Australia and deposited the whole archive in university libraries.
She wrote a number of major research articles on this new material, of which
this article is the most significant.

This article expands and adds much more detail to the story of the
Stalinisation of the Australian Communist Party and the central role of the
Labor Party question in that process.

 Lyndall Ryan, an Australian historian who is writing a biography of her
mother, Edna Ryan, and some biographical material about her father, Jack
Ryan, both of whom were leading figures in the CP, expelled at the onset of
the Third Period, has used this material in her research, as she explained
at a recent seminar on labour movement biography held by the Sydney Labour
History Society.

Bob Gould

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