We will answer with a march of 10 million, Chavez says of coup plotters

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Sat Sep 28 11:40:40 MDT 2002


Venezuelan president claims to be
ready for new coup attempt

Xinhuanet 2002-09-28 09:01:06

CARACAS, Sept. 27 (Xinhuanet) -- Venezuelan President
Hugo Chavez called on his supporters on Friday to
remain vigilant against a new coup attempt by the
opposition, saying that he was also prepared for it.
"In April they surprised us, but now it will be very
difficult for them to attempt a new coup d'etat, for
we will be waiting for them," Chavez told a gathering
of the Association of Venezuelan Professionals at
Caracas Municipal Theater.

Chavez said opposition forces seeking a new coup would
not takehim by surprise as what happened in April when
a group of civilians and military servicemen seized
power for 48 hours.

The Venezuelan head of state said the opposition was
working tomake a new offensive against revolution, and
called on his followers to increase "their political
efficiency and conserve those spaces already gained."

Chavez made the remarks in reference to a call for an
anti-government march on October 10 in Caracas, by the
Federation of Businessmen (Fedecamaras), whose former
leader, Pedro Carmona, nowexiled in Colombia,
orchestrated the ephemeral coup d'etat in April.

"We could not lower our guard. If
counter-revolutionaries make a one-million-people
march, then we have to respond with another one
comprised of 10 million individuals," said the
Venezuelan leader. In April, a three-day general
strike staged by labor unions anda business federation
was followed by a coup that removed Chavez from power
for two days.

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