350,000 in London march to oppose war on Iraq

Chris Brady cdbrady at attglobal.net
Mon Sep 30 01:59:56 MDT 2002

While ABCNews (USA) made much of the Fox Hunt March,
nothing was said about the peace march.

The NYTimes Book Review had Judith Miller review a book about Islamism
by Daniel Pipes--without mentioning that both are members of that
pro-Zionist Campus Watch smeer outfit.

I was in San Francisco several years back for a demo against the
contract on America.  I went with an old red who as an engineer worked
on fluid flow control and metering devices.  He stood at a certain point
on the route and counted marchers as they passed by him. His figures
were different than the SFPD.  The cops saw half as many.  Too bad they
didn't have the same vision in other areas...

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