Addendum to Counter-Dossier Refutes Blair report]

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Our friends at Traprock Peace Center have made an addendum to the Simpson/Rangwala counter-dossier to Blair's lie available. Please spread the word.

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2002

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Addendum to Counter-Dossier Responds to Claims Raised in Blair Dossier

September 29, 2002 ­

Dr. Glen Rangwala, Lecturer in politics at Cambridge University, has written
an Addendum to the "Counter-Dossier." The Counter-Dossier, released by
Labour Against War on September 17 in the UK and published by Traprock Peace
Center in the US on September 18, anticipated the release by Prime Minister
Blair's dossier.  Blair released his dossier on September 24, a few hours
before debate started in the Commons that morning on war with Iraq.

Dr. Rangwala has written an Addendum to the Counter-Dossier.  The Addendum
is a more detailed reference on the weapons and inspections issues, which
serves to counter claims in the Blair dossier.  This Addendum will play  an
important role in countering the arguments of the Bush and Blair

Traprock Peace Center hand delivered The Counter-Dossier to the offices of
31 Senators on September 24 and met with foreign policy aides. The next day,
the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom hand delivered it to
co-sponsors of Barbara Lee's resolution.  The Education for Peace in Iraq
Center will distribute the Counter-Dossier and its Addendum, with other
materials, to every Senator on Monday, September 30 during its Lobby Day
against going to war with Iraq.

The Addendum, like the Counter-Dossier, is an important document that may
prove to be of historical significance.  It contains technical details that
relate specifically to this debate and serves to respond to claims made in
the Blair dossier. 

Whereas the Counter-Dossier was released a full week before the debate in
the Commons, the Blair government released its dossier only a few hours
before the debate, making it impossible for Labour MP's against the war to
fully consider its claims before the debate.

Whereas the Counter-Dossier has been widely admired for its brilliant
argument, it could not anticipate every claim raised the Blair dossier.

The Addendum serves to rectify the unfairness caused by Blair's late release
of his dossier.  This Addendum may prove to be an important factor in this
historic debate.

The Addendum is published at and at
the Traprock Peace Center website at

Traprock Peace Center

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