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Subject: Christ Black on Jared Israel and his chump, collaborators,
their slanders of Clark and Verges, etc

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Monday August 18, 2003 at 11:35 am

This morning Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser published on the
TENC site another of their absurd attacks on the ICDSM which
both of them left some time ago. In that posting they state two lies; first, that Milosevic "has never gotten or been interested in gettingany legal advice from anyone". Second that the legal committee ceased to exist in February 2002.The first lie is as absurd as the second. Milosevic has always
sought legal advice on all manner of things which is why he has been visited several times by lawyers on the ICDSM including myself, Ramsey Clark, Professor Aldo Bernadini from Rome, Nico Stejnen in Holland, and has been in contact with other lawyers by letter and telephone including David Jacobs
in Toronto, Hans Paech in Berlin, Prof Bim Singh in India, and has asked for the assistance of Tiphaine Dickson in Montreal. Milosevic has not rejected legal advice. He has only rejected appointing a lawyer to represent him in open court at the tribunal for fear it would jeopardize his refusal to
recognize the legitimacy of the tribunal. In fact, if one looks at the press coverage of several press conferences held by the ICDSM in Holland, at which Nico Varkevisser was present, it was stated time and again that one of the problems with the ICTY is that they would not permit Milosevic to
consult with counsel on a confidential and privileged basis. That is, all visits by counsel were monitored. Why would Milosevic and the ICDSM (including Mr. Varkevisser and Mr. Israel) complain about the lack of confidential visits with counsel if Milosevic did not want legal advice? I can tell
you that I have met with President Milsoevic several times in both Belgrade and The Hague and on each occasion he asked for legal advice on issues. I am not breaching privilege here as those visits were recorded by the ICTY and so privilege does not attach. Mr. Israel and Mr. Varkevisser both
know this becuase I was in regular communication with them until October last year(when they cut communication becuase I refused to help them stab Jacques verges in the back wit their slanders about him), and informed them and the other members of the ICDSM of the content of those meetings. The
legal committee still exists. No one on the legal committee is aware that Mr. Israel dissolved it in Febraury last year and of course that is because he has no right to do so. In fact, if one reads the press release about the press conference in The Hague in February the legal committee is an
important part of that. Nothing has changed since. This statement that it ceased to exist is a pure invention by Israel and Varkevisser and I suspect it was invented in order to discredit my responses to Andy Wilcoxson which I signed as head of the legal committee. Since Mr. Wilcoxson does not
have the courage to respond to me and since neither Mr. Israel nor Mr. Varkevisser have the courage to do so either, and since they know they cannot refute what I say, they now try to simply try to erase us from existence. Neither one of them has the guts or the moral integrity to directly
confront either Mr. Verges or Mr. Clark with their accusations privately first to get their response. Instead, being the cowards that they are, they launch a series of public attacks, all of them against the express wishes of Milosevic and the agreed policy of the ICDSM. Joe McCarthy was the
master at this in the 50s and it seems Mr. Israel and his handlers, whoever they may be, have taught him that lesson well. Neither Jared Israel nor Mr. Varkevisser have any interest in the ICDSM except to attempt its destruction. This, as I said to Mr. Wilcoxson, benefits only one group, Nato.
The continual slanders about members of the ICDSM being anti-semitic, Nazis and the like are designed to support the Nato propaganda line that Milosevic is a fascist. Under the guise of rooting out "fascists" Israel and Varkevisser are doing all they can to confrim in people's minds the lies of
Nato. The ICDSM stands for one thing only; the defence of Slobodan Milsoevic against the unjust charges, the lies, of the Nato puppets at the ICTY. Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser stand for support for the Nato lies, for the destruction of the Committee which works to support him. Since Mr.
Israel and Mr. Varkevisser have seen fit to leave the ICDSM they have engaged in a determined campaign to discredit everyone in the ICDSM including its founder Dr. Velko Valkanov, its heart and focal point, Vladimir Krsljanin, and everyone else. Their real motivations and their real roles are
known only to themselves but the effect is to discredit the ICDSM and its work, to damage the support for President Milosevic in his struggle for justice for himself and the Serbs people and all the people of Yugoslavia. But this they cannot suucceed in doing as the cause of Slobodan Milsoevic is
just and the ICDSM and its members remain dedicated to that cause. Christopher Black, Barrister Chair, Legal Committee ICDSM Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Christopher Black

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