I am inclined to cut Mel Gibson some slack

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Sat Sep 14 15:49:32 MDT 2002

From:           	Danielle Ni Dhighe <danielle at irsm.org>

> At 06:43 AM 9/14/2003, Fred Feldman wrote:
>  >I don't believe that Gibson is motivated by
>  >anti-Semitism.

What I do know is that one of the sources he used for his screenplay was a
> text written by a nun which also included several instances of blood libel,
> i.e. accusations that Jews kill Christian babies for their blood.  It's
> facts like that about the film which have helped to stir the controversy,
> particularly in the Jewish community.


I've never particularly taken to Gibson as a actor. And I guess I
have another reason not to like him after reading the homophobic
comments he made in the interview in EL Pais a while back, that
Walter had posted. But as far I'm concerned we have still to get the
facts straight on the issue of his recent film.

You (Danielle) claim that he brings up the blood libel issue in the
movie. Could you please provide the source for this statement or
have you seen the movie yourself?

I find this charge somewhat out of sort with what I've been hearing
from movie critics who have actually seen the movie. For example,
in an interview I witnessed on CNN, the film critic (and orthodox
Jew) Michael Medved (spelling?) claimed that the recent uproar
ocer the film was completely UNwarranted. Not only did he strongly
defend Gibson directorial credentials (based on the work he had
with the film),  he even went so far as to accuse the people who
have been slagging him off of not having even seen the movie. I
wish I had taped the interview, but that's basically how it went.

> Gibson, for his part, has been unwilling to answer questions put to him and
> has gone off on bizarre tangents like accusing secular Jews as a group of
> having an anti-Catholic agenda (ironic, considering that many Catholic
> scholars agree that Gibson's script contains anti-Semitic elements).

  Who are these many catholics? I would be really like to know.



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