I am inclined to cut Mel Gibson some slack

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Sat Sep 14 18:07:08 MDT 2002

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> At 02:49 PM 9/14/2002, David Quarter wrote:
>  >You (Danielle) claim that he brings up the blood
>  >libel issue in the movie.
> No, I claimed some of his sources for the screenplay brought up blood
> libel.  I don't know that Gibson brought that into the film, but they still
> sound like dodgy sources to use.

  My apologies. Whether or not his source is dodgy ( whoever it
may be ) does not automatically make Gibson an anti semite in
my books. If that's not what you're implying, my apologies again
(btw, below you claim source*s*, before you say sourc*e*, so I'm
just assuming you meant the formert)

Also, Is this person/nun still alive, or was she from another
century? I raise this question since I could cite Wagner's work as
an example of  great classical music -- despite the fact that he's
renown for his hatred of Jews -- and I don't think that would then
make him a dodgy source?

If Gibson is citing living members of some white supremacist
group, that's one thing. If he's using sources from another century  -
- be they racist or not -- does not necessarily make them

> In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Gibson claimed two
of his
> sources were the writings of Mary of Agreda and Anne Catherine
> Emmerich.  After the Simon Wiesenthal Center pointed out the
> content of those writings, Gibson's PR people were quick to
state that he
> didn't use those authors as sources (contradicting Gibson's own

   The Simon Wieselthal Centre is as dodgy a source at it gets. I
wouldn't believe a thing that came out of that place, let alone
anything at all to do with supposed "anti semitism". Those people
would accuse people who criticize Ariel Sharon's policies of being
anti semites...


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