Madonna chickens out

Elisha Stephens elishastephens at
Wed Apr 2 10:39:14 MST 2003

Not to excuse Madonna's action, although without having seen the video in
question, it is entirely possible that it was simply in poor taste and that
judgement purely on that basis is correct.

HOWEVER, what I really I want to say is that I think many of us vastly
underestimate the courage it takes for people in the entertainment business
to take strong stands on any political issue. It's relatively easy for those
us with "regular" jobs, retired, students, etc. to speak out or even get
at a CD action. Someone whose livelihood depends on an employer and on
public opinion, and is subject to the slings and arrows of a thousand
commentators, columnists, is risking a LOT. And it's not just a question of
money - of course Madonna has more than she really "needs" for the rest
of her life. But if she were unable to continue in her profession, or her
ability to do so were severely compromised, that could be just as serious
to her as a loss of income would be to any of us.

So if someone chooses not to take that chance, personally I'll refrain from
criticizing them. Instead, I'll redouble my admiration for those who DO take
the chance.

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