Thick fog around Baghdad

Elisha Stephens elishastephens at
Thu Apr 3 10:23:16 MST 2003

BBC: "Coalition commanders on Wednesday described the Medina and
Baghdad divisions as no longer "credible forces" following a week or more
of relentless air and artillery attacks."

ABC News: "U.S.-led forces crushed Republican Guard troops arrayed in
the defense of Baghdad, obliterating one entire elite Iraqi division and
most of another as they advanced within 20 miles of the capital city...
Troops blitzed the Guard's Baghdad Division east of the capital while
the Army's 3rd Infantry Division attacked the Guard's Medina and
Nebuchadnezzar divisions to the west."

But from Knight-Ridder: "The Army's 3rd Infantry Division and the
U.S. Marines have blown past, bypassed, or never encountered the
Medina and Baghdad divisions."

Sounds like the mysterious "column of 1000 tanks" must have resurfaced
and then disappeared again.

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