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Fri Apr 4 05:17:44 MST 2003

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From: "Stuart Lawrence" <stuartwl at>
> An analogy might be drawn with the current slogan pushed by ANSWER to
> "impeach Bush," backed up by rousing speeches by Ramsey Clark about the
> role of impeachment in the U.S. Constitution. What could be a more
> illusory prospect than the impeachment of Bush when the war is getting
> near-unanimous support in Congress? But the call at least potentially
> exposes the futility of relying on constitutional remedies to acheive
> structural change. ANSWER should let someone speak at their rallies who
> says precisely that.
> Stuart

Well - what about the demand 'Bring the troops home now!'?  Isn't that an
'illusory prospect' under current conditions as well?  Do you think that
someone should speak at ANSWER rallies (and other rallies with the same
demand) saying precisely that we are merly exposing the futility of relying
on constitutional remedies etc.?  (BTW impeaching Bush would not be
structural change.)


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