The Iraq Situation Today

Jay Moore pieinsky at
Wed Apr 9 09:53:22 MDT 2003

Probably more likely is emergence of a more Islamacist resistance.  That's
certainly what the reappeared Osama is hoping for.  As for your comments,
Henry, I myself have tried to put forward the "Support the [Iraqi] Troops"
concept -- like "Victory to the NLF".  However, as you know I'm sure, that's
not where all but a tiny minority of "hardcore" leftists are coming from.  I
wrote an essay last week more or less along these lines and critical of
liberal currents in the anti-war movement but didn't get to put it up on my
Web site for one reason or another.  Now it seems dated.  In any case, I'll
send it along to the List in my next.


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> Jay Moore wrote:
>   Let's hope there will
> > be a continuing guerilla campaign in the countryside and in some city
> > quarters.  Let's hope a new and more left-oriented Iraqi resistance
> > will emerge as the occupiers continue to show their arrogance.
> The Western left is not free of responsibilty of the defeat of the
> Battle of Baghdad, by declaring the Baath Party and Saddam as unworthy
> of support.  What kind of hypocracy is to be against the war, and not
> support the resistance. What kind of war against cancer that selects
> which victim deserves cure based on his earthly sins?
> The resistance will go on without the left and will abandone socialism
> to avoid being label NAZI.  Just nationalism.  Let the US left and the
> neocons dance together and drown in their own blood.
> BTW, the DJIA has just hit negative territory.  Victory indeed.
> Henry C.K. Liu

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