(Spa) Brutal dialogue between Bush and Y. Yakis

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Mon Apr 14 18:01:59 MDT 2003

>>Please someone translate into English. Sabri's views (and Mine's) would
be quite enlightening...<<

I'ved had a stab at it:

This conversation between Bush and the Turkish foreign minister, Yasar
Yakis, was published 25 Feb 2003 in the daily paper Cumhuryet (The
Republic) which is the oldest daily in Turkey,  totally independent of
political and financial ruling circles. Neither the Turks nor the Americans
have denied the exchange.

Bush: You have nothing to do here. Go back to your country and get the
parliament to make the authorisation!

Yasar Yakis: We have certain difficulties. The economic losses that the war
will cause are considerable. We are two allied countries and we hope for
your understanding.

Bush: None of the allies have given me as many headaches as you.

Y.Y.: Turkey is also involved in the European process, and in the European
Union there are different voices.

Bush: Still on about the European Union? I've broken it into three pieces.

Y.Y.: Turkey is a democratic country which has always respected
internationa law. In this case in particular, the decision of the UN is
very important for Turkey

Bush: I ask myself if the UN is indispensable in the 20th Century. My
collaborators/colleagues are reflecting on this question.

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