Support the People, and a call for a debate about ideas

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> # From: Mervyn Hartwig <mh at>
> # Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 10:35:07 +0100

  where he writes among other: 

>  What Henry does for a living is utterly irrelevant to an
> assessment of his arguments and position - or do you think that only
> 'workers' can be marxist and revolutionary? 

  Exactly, it should be irrelevant. As we all know, Friedrich Engels
was the son of a capitalist, and later a capitalist himself
(coproprietor of Ermen & Engels in Manchester). 

  But Henry Liu should also address the actual arguments of the other
participants in the debate, and not summon them for living in New
York (where he lives himself), or Sydney, or London, or whatever
other city in an imperialist country. 

   When a New York businessman poses as the sole interpreter of the
interests of the peoples of the Third World, denying other people the
right to voice their ideas about how to fight imperialism and
capitalism, because they live in imperialist centers like e.g. his
own place, that not only is comical, but this also backfires, as your
argument testifies. 

   Let's stick to a debate where facts and arguments count, not the
personal life or "credentials" of the participants. 


Lüko Willms 

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