Said and Academy of Lagado

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Fri Apr 18 18:15:48 MDT 2003

Great piece by Said!  He really is an excellent writer, too.  The
principled stand he has continued to maintain is also inspiring, showing
how appalling the Ajamis and Hitchens and  co of this world are.

I also like Said's optimism.  He says good riddance to Saddam, now
things are going to get really tricky for the US.

The only thing in his piece I'm not so sure about is his view that the
US is still 100 percent behind Israel (or this is what he seems to think
anyway).  There may be a particularly pro-Israeli cabal in the Bush
administration at present, but I tend to think the US ruling class is
less attached to Israel now they have more options in the Middle East.

As Organski's "The $36 Billion Bargain: strategy and politics in US
assistance to Israel" shows, US backing for Israel has always been
dependent on broader US policy interests and the US calls the shots.

Philip Ferguson

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