Balance-sheet of the first phase of the war

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Balance-sheet of the first phase of the war: the US
Empire and military hegemony against the world,
national liberation and the new global left

By Sebastian Robles

The US global military hegemony --The US tactical
victory in Iraq is a victory against the world. The
naked imperial purposes of the war and occupation. A
future of arms race, terrorism, turmoil, more wars,
nuclear standoffs and global opposition to the US
Empire on the agenda.

The war of liberation of Iraq already started -- The
coalescing of a legitimate national liberation
movement. The rifts and splits between the US and
European and Russian ruling classes will continue.
>From low intensity confrontations to more open

Iraq: the epicenter of regional and world
confrontation between classes and political factions
-- The Middle East governments and factions, Turkey,
the global antiwar movement, the internationalist

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